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    I teach guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, ukelele, bass, singing, basic/classical/jazz theory, how to be a working musician, and industry help.  Over the years I have had many different music teachers.  This has helped me study many different styles of teaching and many different aspects of the music industry. Patients need to be educated about this risk before taking Propecia pills, because pregnant women could absorb the drug through skin contact with broken tablets. My style is relaxed and supportive.  I posess mass amounts of patience and do not ever get frustrated with a student for any reason. Tetracyclinetm flagyl tetracycline bismuth 250mg store ludibrium? I am deeply concerned with ergonomics and making sure that no one gets injured from playing their instruments.


    Here are some of the most infuential teachers and friends I have studied with over the years: 


    Pete Krebs (Gyspy Jazz style) www.petekrebs.net

    Dan Balmer (Bebop) www.danbalmer.com

    Mike Denny (Bebop)

    Don Latarski (Funk, Blues) www.donlatarski.com

    Scott Kritzer (Classical) www.scottkritzer.com

    Anthony Mazelli (Music and Spirituality) (www.anthonymazella.com)

    David Keenan (Guitar and Life) www.davekeenan.com

    Dr. Tim Pack (Ear Training) 

    Dr. Amy Goeser-Kolb (Theory)

    Steve Owen (Jazz arranging)

    Tony Marcus- (Swing) www.tuxedorecords.com

    Toby Koenigsburg- (Piano and ergonomics) www.tobykoenigsberg.com

    Flip Breskin- (Ergonomics)

    Dr. Julia Schnebly-Black (Eurythmy)

    Tracy Shwarz- (Old-time fiddle) www.ginnyandtracy.com

    Ginny Hawker- (Mountain-style Singing)

    Peggy Gibbons- (Finding my voice)

    Sparky Rucker- (Delta- Blues guitar) www.sparkyandrhonda.com

    Keith Little- (Bluegrass Guitar) www.keithlittle.com

    Laurel Bliss- (Harmony Singing)

    Wayne Henderson- (Old-time tunes on guitar) www.waynehenderson.org

    Sammy Lind- (Old-time fiddle) www.foghornstringband.com

    Josh Rabie- (Cajun fiddle)

    Caleb Klauder (Mandolin)

    Willie Watson- (Old-time guitar) www.crowmedicine.com

    Mike Herrerra- (Drinking Song) www.tumbledownhq.com

    Dave Gerow- (Mandolin) www.sneakinout.com

    Bruce Kaphan- (engineering and recording techniques) www.brucekaphan.net

    Jeff Kazor- (Production Techniques) www.crookedjades.com